LL, LLC is a design company founded in 2017 which merges artisan techniques with start-up methodologies. This unlikely collaboration gives way to how aesthetics relate to production practices, the problem of conveying politics through fashion, and the dilution of political aesthetics.

LL, LLC’s debut collection, Maydeto (n. and adj., /mAY-deh' toh/) collection focuses on how sustainability can be defined, by bending the language of start-up business models. Contrary to the “spiral methodology”— a popular model for start-up companies— the serial spiral form is quickly and easily made as a style of jewelry, without compromising quality, thus economically sustaining artisan craft-makers while able to keep the price accessible to consumers.

LL, LLC is sold online and brick and mortar retailers across the US.

LL, LLC  is founded by Lia Lowenthal.