Jewelry is a type of object which functions on both social and cognitive levels; it can be a symbol of class and wealth, but also a sentimental object which bears the memory of its past. Continuing with jewelry as a motif, Lowenthal substitutes commercial display forms for modified domestic objects (lazy susans, checker boards, tool caddies) that are modified to incorporate new wearable objects. These wearable objects are derived from how cognitive disorders and trauma affect the relationship to space, meaning, and empathetic connections. The works appear as if in mid-action or mid-use, implying potential affordances. Through this project, Lowenthal further explores the relationship between the personal and social infrastructures, and how this relationship is affected and mediated by the perception and design of everyday objects.

Artists: Lia Lowenthal, Pooneh Maghazehe, Gloria Maximo, Carter Mull, Sophie Stone

Organized by Josephine Shokrian, Rachel Valinsky and Lulu Wolf
Photo credit: Kyle Knodell

Installation view

Elzing; Altair, 2016, wood lazy susan, flocking, stain, wooden dowels, 3D-printed stainless steel, silver-plated chain

Stantia, 2016, wood tray, flocking, stain, wooden checker pieces, 3D-printed stainless steel

Habbi, 2016, wood tool caddy, flocking, stain, 3D-printed stainless steel